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Complete Wood chips burning power plant located Chateaugay New York. Plant started up 1992, shutdown 2013 maintained to start back-up. 19 Acre land with well water and 34.5 kv transmission power line. Boiler unit is a Riley type VR boiler continuous rating 170,000 pounds per hour steam at 1280 psig and 955 F, Boiler is top supported with Detroit Hydrograte Stoker, water cooled vibrating grate, can burn up to 50% moisture wood chips, 4326 btu/lb., 59,902 lbs./hr. fuel, with feed water temperature 402 F. Steam Turbine Generator is General Electric 19700 kw, serial number 155030, 13 stage condensing unit with four uncontrolled extractions, 5596 rpm. Turbine and Lufkin Gear box mounted on one skid driving GE 21890 kva, 1800 rpm, 13800 v, 3 phase 60 hz, TEWAC, brushless exciter Generator. Condenser Graham surface condenser, 2 in. HgA, condensing 126,000 pounds per hour steam, 19,770 square feet, 316SS tubes. Cooling Tower Thermal Dynamic Towers 22,000 gpm, induced draft 2 cell. ESP Belco Technologies BT-30 Substation 15.75/21 MVA, 34.5 kv Grdy/13.8 kv ∆.

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